Are your evaporator and condenser coils impacted with dirt, debris, and bacteria? Did you know that this can keep your cooling system from operating efficiently or at all? If you are having problems with keeping your facility at the desired temperature or problems with bacteria entering your facility, let EcoClear show you how we can help keep your cooling system operating at peek efficiency while reducing the risk of bacteria from entering your facility.

  • We Reduce the Risk of Biological Hazards
  • We Reduce Your Energy Cost
  • We Increase Your Airflow
  • We Help Maintain Your Facility Temperature
  • We Help You Become HACCP Compliant and FSMA Ready

Energy use for refrigeration and air conditioning accounts for the majority of energy used in commercial plants across the country. With the rise of energy cost per kWh, plant managers are being tasked with finding ways to reduce energy cost; EcoClear specializes not only in cleaning cooling equipment, but also in focusing on energy reduction for the HVAC and Refrigeration user.

EcoClear has the expertise and experience to help you start saving energy today!

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September 22, 2020 | Vladimir Ivan | News, Programs | EcoClear, Refrigeration Units, Green Screen